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Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence
Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence,CAAI,was established in 1981 and is the only national-level association in the field of artificial intelligence science and technology officially registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. It is a national 4A-level social organization with its affiliated unit being Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The association is also a formal organizational member of the China Association for Science and Technology, qualifying it to recommend academicians.

Currently, it has 49 branches, including 41 professional committees and 8 working committees, covering the field of artificial intelligence science and technology. The academic scope of the association is in the field of artificial intelligence science and technology, operating throughout the People's Republic of China. Its main tasks include uniting AI professionals and enthusiasts nationwide, promoting the development of AI science and technology through academic research, domestic and international academic exchanges, scientific popularization, academic education, technology exhibitions, academic publishing, talent recommendation, academic evaluation, academic consultation, technology review, and rewards.

The association organizes various academic events, including the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference, China Artificial Intelligence Conference, China Intelligent Industry Summit Forum, "Huawei Cup" National College Student Intelligent Design Competition, National College Student Computer Game Competition, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligent Systems, and other large-scale, serialized academic activities. Additionally, it initiated the establishment of the National Intelligent Robot Innovation Alliance and other innovation alliances, providing a platform for showcasing, exchanging, and integrating research achievements, effectively promoting the development of AI science and technology.

The association publishes the open-access journal "CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems" (Chinese core journal) and internal journals such as "CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Technology," "Chinese Journal of Artificial Intelligence," "Association Newsletter" (Youth Edition), and "AI Scholar" online digest. It also publishes the English journal "International Journal of Advanced Intelligence" in Japan. In 2015, it launched a series of discipline white papers and three influential development reports. Towards the end of the same year, it introduced the "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence" book series named after the China Artificial Intelligence Society.

Utilizing industry and discipline resources, the association conducts unique and innovative popular science work in collaboration with its academic activities, major technological events in the discipline, development needs, and talent reserves. This helps the public gain a visual and experiential understanding of the convenience brought by intelligent technology, achieving positive social effects.

The association places a high emphasis on talent development, actively carrying out talent rewards and recommending outstanding scientific and technological talents. Leveraging the advantages of the Youth Working Committee, it focuses on discovering, cultivating, and recommending talents as a key aspect of talent development, resulting in significant achievements. The association recognizes outstanding young talents through awards such as the "Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award," "China Artificial Intelligence Society Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Selection," and "Advanced Individual of the Association," as well as academicians' recommendations, commending a large number of outstanding scientific and technological workers and achievements.

Currently, the government is gradually shifting functions, providing social organizations with broader development space. Responding actively to the government's call, the association fully leverages its academic resource advantages to explore social service work, such as advisory consultations, actively expanding its service areas and scope to enhance its vitality, and providing support for government scientific decision-making.

The China Artificial Intelligence Society faces unprecedented opportunities for development. The association will tirelessly pursue innovation, actively integrate higher education institutions, research institutions, enterprises, experts, scholars, and student communities in the field of AI science in China, and strive to create a new chapter in China's AI technology under new circumstances.

Welcome all technology workers to join the China Artificial Intelligence Society enthusiastically!

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