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We are pioneers and practitioners of the lightest AI carrier, empowering regular eyewear.

Based on our unique DigiWindow core technology, we have developed the world's smallest near-eye display, upgrading every pair of daily-wear glasses to smart glasses. Arcension's vision:Let vision ascend.

Why us:
  • - World's Top-notch Technology (Core team with Ph.D.s from Stanford).
  • - Cutting-edge Product Concepts and Methods (International product leaders from Apple, Meta, Tesla).
  • - Operation Management Capability with Billion-level International Shipments (Operation experience in global supply chain markets from companies like Xiaomi).

    Currently, with our first-generation products—the world's smallest near-eye display—we have gained recognition from partners, including well-known eyewear brands and distributors. At the founding time, the team received investment from leading contact lens brand Moody and co-founder of Xiaomi, Hong Feng.

    With our unique technology, our target is the trillion-dollar traditional eyewear market that is ready for expansion. Our core technology empowers the scale logic and business channels that are challenging for other technology industries. Despite established for less than a year, we have recently completed a multi-million-dollar seed round of financing and are rapidly rising in development. In this entirely new field, we need the participation of AI enthusiats、smart wearables enthusiasts, AR/VR experts, optical specialists, and tech enthusiasts to join us in sailing together, breaking through the wind and waves, and embarking on the journey to a new dreamland.

    We believe that innovation is one of our core competitive strengths of our company (our core technology and products are developed by our team members from Stanford). We encourage innovation and value the creativity and technology empowerment capabilities of our employees. At the same time, we emphasize sharing and collaboration. We celebrate, cheer, and are excited about every novel idea from our team partners. We have also arranged numerous rewards to encourage positive contributions. We genuinely admire every partner who shares their insights, and we are willing to spend more time listening to everyone's ideas and knowledge sharing.

    The company employs a matrix management structure, eliminating departmental barriers and avoiding office politics. This approach ensures that every talented individual has the opportunity to stand out without being hindered by traditional departmental constraints.

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    603, Nantianhui Innvoation and Research Center,Zone 71 xingdong Community, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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